The ABC's of Johannah

So I've seen this around on blogs a bit and I came across one today, so I thought why not!  Let's try it.  So here it goes =)
A - Age: 32
B - Birthday Month: March
C- Color: Purple
D - Drink: Sweet Tea or Diet Coke

E - Eyes: Hazel
F - Flashback: Meeting Brian, getting engaged, and having our girls =)
G - Game: Boston Red Sox, all the way!!!

H - Hobby: Spending time with my girls
I - Indulgence: Oh my gosh!  Anything chocolate!  Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce by far the best!
J - Job: Police/Fire/EMS Dispatcher


K - Kiddos: Miss Emma, Age 7 and Miss Alyx, 9 months
L - Love: Spending time with Brian and the girls.  There is nothing better than family time to me!
M - Music: I'm a huge country music fan!  Love it!
N - Nation: US of A!!
O - Overstock: I currently have a huge stock of nailpolish
P - Pets: Our Dog Gunner, and 2 cats, Bubbles & Bella
Q - Quote: "A dream is a wish your heart makes" Cinderella

R - Residence: Old Town, Maine - Home of the Old Town Canoe

S - Siblings: Just little ole' Me!!
T - Temperature: Love fall temps, but I also love summer temps!
U - University: I did the whole community college thing
V - Vehicle: Chrysler Town & Country van.  I like to call it my swagger wagon! HA! =)
W - Want: I desperately want more space.  IE a new house!!
X - X:  ????  No idea!
Y - Yuck: Vomit!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aries!

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  1. this is super cute! My fav color is purple too and I also LOVE chocolate! yummy!