A late Post -- Easter

I'm finally getting around to post about Easter!  We had a good Easter, very layed back.  Emma got lots of candy and even some money in some eggs she found =)

My 2 girls on Easter morning.  Alyx's first easter!  I didn't go all out on the easter dresses this year because we really didn't do much of anything, and really a 5 month old in a dress i'm sure isn't too comfy! ha!

My mother in law did Easter at her house for the girls too.  Emma Loved what Mimi got her!

Alyx with her baby chick she got =)

We had an amazing meal!


We had so much food it wasn't even funny.  We were expecting more people, but plans changed and it ended up just being us and Brians parents.  We still had a good time, and ate lots of yummy food!!