Throwback Thursday!

It's Thursday!  And it's also my Monday, and tomorrow is my Friday and it's actually Friday! haha Confused much?  My schedule is so weird, i'm back at work today, and knock on's slow so far!  I have the weekend off, and i'm pretty excited about that.  We don't have any plans at all, but i'm hoping to get outside with Emma...and maybe Alyx too.  We'll see just how cold it is first. 
Let's start with a little Throwback Thursday, shall we? 
Totally makes me laugh!  I'm the one in the jean jacket with the super curly hair with a scowl on my face! haha =)  I miss those days!
Monday evening after I got out of work, Brian took me and the girls out to dinner. We have a new restaurant in town that I have been dying to try out.  The food was great, and the atmosphere was wonderful. 
I had crab stuffed haddock, red skin mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus. They also make some really great sounding pizzas, so we will have to try pizza night there soon!
We really haven't done much of anything lately.  It's been soooo cold, and i'm more than ready for some warm weather.  It will be so nice to get out of the house with Alyx and go for walks, play in the backyard...those kinds of things.  Lately we've spent many days in our pj's, and even getting into our pj's right after coming home from school and work.  We need some outdoor time...SOON!! =)
So I have just some random photos for you!
Emma got this gigantic teddy bear from one of my co-workers.  She LOVES it!! =)
Zebras EVERYWHERE!  You can barely see Alyx in there! 
Emma insisted on doing her homework the other night with this huge pencil.  Hey, whatever works I guess!
I really think Emma is going to be a teacher of some sort when she gets older.  She loves playing school, and will even play school by herself.  She could sit for hours and "teach"!
Big stretches and Big smiles!!  Alyx is such a happy happy baby!!
Alyx sporting one of her many SaraEllie Bows.  My favorite bows!  I love the style of them, and well I think she looks pretty cute in this one =)
I have a new favorite bedtime snack.  Yeah, i'm 31 years old and still have to have something before bed! LOL  But this is my favorite right now!
This stuff is just good.  I don't know how else to put it.
It's not watery at all like some hot chocolates can get.  It's nice and creamy, and just yummy!  Try it!
Enjoy your Thursday all! =)


  1. Alyx's smile is precious!
    Those little zebras blend right into that play mat. :)
    It's supposed to be cool and rainy this weekend. That hot coco looks like it would be the perfect night cap to our wet weather!

  2. Crab stuffed haddock sounds DELISH! I'm going to have to start writing down all of these bow company names and get to ordering within the next few months!

  3. That meal out looks amazing! Oh, and your throwback Thursday pic. (& Emma's HUGE pencil!) made me smile! :-)