Pictures...HELP!! =)

I swear I am the worst fashion person on this planet!  We have family pictures coming up next month, and i'm stressing BIG time about what we should all wear.  I'm tired of the solid colored shirts for all of us.  I have Alyx's outfit all picked out.  So basically I need to work off of her outfit...and I am stressing over finding something for Emma...Me...and Brian that is going to match her outfit!  Ugghh.  lol  So here is what we are working with. 

I love this outfit so much!  I got it for a baby shower gift, and she is finally going to fit into it.  So since there is a lot going on in Alyx's outfit, is why i'm so undecided as to what the rest of us should wear.  So here is where I need your help.  LOL  What do you think for the rest of us?  I just need to hire a fashion stylist, that's all =)