Our Weekend - Part 1

I didn't get a Valentine's Day post up so...Happy Valentine's Day!!  We didn't do a whole lot for V-day this year.  School was actually cancelled on Friday because of the snow.  I'm so tired of snow!  I'm anxiously awaiting spring, but then that brings mud season.  But at least we won't have to shovel, and deal with bitterly cold temps!! =)
We had an awesome weekend!!  Saturday was the big Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance, and Emma was soooo excited for it!  I took her Saturday to have her hair done at the salon.  She even picked out the hairstyle she wanted =)  I gave her my phone one afternoon and had her look at tons of hairstyles on Pintrest, and this is how she wanted it.
When we left there she kept saying, "It looks just like it did in the picture!" haha =)
We got home, and she and Brian both got dressed and ready.  They had dinner reservations at a local resturant and Emma was pretty excited to have a date with her dad!
She kept saying to us, "Doesn't my daddy look handsome!" haha  She cracks me up!!
She even picked out her dress, and she did a good job! 
My 2 brother in laws took their girls as well and a couple of their friends went too.  We all met at my inlaws house to take photos of everyone.
All the girls looked so pretty!  Princesses for sure!!
And of course we couldn't forget Miss Alyx.  Even though she wasn't attending the dance, she had to get in on the pictures too =)
After pictures, they were off to the dance!
{I made Brian take the camera with him to the dance! haha}
They all had a great time, and Emma even won a doorprize!!  She was exhausted when she got home.
Make sure to check out Part 2 of our weekend!!


  1. OMG they all look so cute and so grown up! This is so sweet! I love her hair too. :) Makes me excited for things to come for my LO :)

  2. Sooo adorable! I wonder if they do a father/daughter dance at our school here? My husband would loooove that LOL. ;-)

  3. I can't wait until Justin can take Emma! Looks so much fun! I love her hair and dress!!!

  4. Aww... such a sweet night! That's so fun that Emma got to pick her own hairstyle. She looked beautiful!

  5. What a fun night for Emma! Love her and, and she did a great job picking out her dress!