Our Week

Is it really only Thursday?  This has seemed like a long week and seems like it should be Friday!  Alyx has a really bad cold and has been super stuffy.  I feel so bad for her, but her spirits have been great!  Still a happy smiley baby =)
Tonya from Here comes the Sun, suggested I try a NoseFrida (nasal aspirator) with Alyx.  The concept of it is completely disguisting.  But as a parent you will pretty much do anything to make your baby feel better.  I got one, and yeah it's defiantely weird, but oh it works!! 
I highly highly recommend it!  I got ours at Target for $15.00.
I also scored some super awesome deals while I was at Target.
I got these pj's on the right, and cute little fleece outfit for under $2.00!  Crazy!
I actually bought 2 pairs of the pj's.  One to keep at my moms.  They are super cute, and they are the Just One You brand by Carters. Both are really big sizes, but Alyx will grow into them eventually.
Emma and I went to BAM, which she loves!  She loves books so much...thankfully!
She ended choosing a Frozen chapter book.  We've been reading 2 chapters a night before bed. 
Emma had to make a Valentines Day mailbox for school.  Usually they make them at school, but this year their "homework" was to make it at home.  We ended up taking a cracker box, covering it with pink sparkly paper, and then Emma decorated it with stickers.  She had fun doing it!
And since we are suppose to get a ton more snow tonight into tomorrow, they are expecting that school will be cancelled tomorrow so they are doing their Valentines Day party today!
Miss Alyx is loving her Bumbo!  We had this one for Emma when she was little too and she loved it!  Alyx has a whole new perspective on the world now sitting upright =)
The new binki is now her best friend =)  She LOVES this and I think it's pretty cute too!  I had remembered seeing Shawna's little girl at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, with one of these back sometime ago.  So I asked her where she got it and what it was called, and got Alyx one =) 
Emma asked me to braid her hair the other night before bed...so I did.  She didn't really care for the outcome the next morning.  It was a little too "pouffy" as she said.  So up in a ponytail it went.  I thought it looked super cute all curly!
My mom came down last night to spend the night.  And she made whoopie pies for us!
So so so good! 
Well Happy Thursday all.  I hope you aren't getting too much snow yourselves.  It's suppose to hit us this afternoon.  Close to 20 inches they say.  With ice.  I can hardly wait.  Uggh.  Is it summer yet?!?!


  1. Love Emma's mailbox and braids! So fun cute and I love the girliness! As for nosefrida - we tried it but had better luck with the suction bulb - my little lady was one fussy baby! Glad it's helping you guys out. :)

  2. Love the mailbox you and Emma made. We used the nosefrida with Ethan and while totally disgusting it works really well. Ethan also loved his wubanub pacifiers and still sleeps with his monkey and giraffe ones!

  3. I wondered how the hair turned out!! Alyx is changing so much! We are all snowed in!

  4. Emma's Valentine's box turned out cute! :-) We had that same giraffe pacifier for Leo, and I totally saw those pacifiers from Shawna's page too, haha!

  5. We somehow managed to lose our Nosefrida, and I'm SO BUMMED. That thing is THE BEST for getting all the gunk out of the little's noses. I had no idea Target sold them. I'm making a trip to Target today!