Favorite Things

I thought I might do a post about some of my favorite things right now!  But before I do that.  Can anyone tell me why i'm seeing this Giraffe everywhere!
And apperantly she has a name.  Sophie.  Am I missing something with this?? haha  It's everywhere!!!
Emma loves to wear skirts to school, however with how cold it has been I haven't been letting her wear them.  That is until I found these!
Fleece lined leggings.  Emma loves them and they are super warm.  I'm honestly not really sure where you can get them, I found a couple of pair at Burlington Coat Factory.  If I ever come across more i'm definately picking them up!
I'm also obsessed with these felt bows for Alyx!
Sara Ellie Bows on Instagram gave away a free hair bow for new babies, and I got one and it is by far my favorite bow yet!  I love the style of it, and i'm definately going to be ordering more from her!
 Also we are loving watching the Olympics!
I enjoy mostly skiing, snowboarding and figure skating.  Emma and Brian on the other hand, they enjoy watching Curling.  Not really sure why, but they both love it!
Another one of my favorite things is I just learned that Carters is now selling big girl sizes!!
I have always loved Carters, and was so sad when Emma grew out of their sizes.  I think they stopped at a size 6 or something.  Now they go up to a size 14!  Wahoo!!
My absolute favorite thing right now is my new iPhone!
I love love love it!  I didn't get one of the funky colors, just a white one.  My case covers it anyway =)
I dislike infant socks with a passion!  The things never stay on and it drives me batty! haha  I found these cute little mocassins at Target and i'm in love with them.  Alyx has 2 pair right now.  I have also ordered her a pair that are very similar from Hanna Anderson.
And because I know that Brian reads my blog from time to time...I have to add this in =)
I really want this Alex & Ani bracelet =)  Hear that Brian?? =)
And since Valentines Day is coming right up...hehe!
 So there you have a few of my favorite things!  What are some of your favorite things??