Do you want to build a snowman?

Frozen.  Oh my word, the songs from that movie are in our heads 24/7! haha  Emma even has Brian singing them at times! LOL
So yesterday we decided to head out and build a snoman! 
And sadley this is as far as our Snowman went! haha  After I went in the house to get Brian, Emma quickly decided she would prefer to go sledding than finish her snowman.  Hopefully after school today I can convince her to finish it! =)
 I love this little girl =)  And it was nice spending time outside with just her.  I think she had fun too =)

Let's play catch up now with my 365 Photos!

Here is day 31
And Day 32
Maybe someday Alyx will actually look at the camera! hehe =)
We had a good time watching the superbowl last night.  We had a friend and his girlfriend over to watch it, and I made way too much food!  English muffin pizzas, little hotdogs, buffalo chicken dip, stuffed mushrooms, and brownies!  The outcome of the game isn't what we were hoping for...but oh well!  Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. Oh yes, the Frozen songs are always stuck in our heads too! Cute pics :-)

  2. Looks like Emma had a blast in the snow!
    Holy cow, your Super Bowl spread sounds DE-LISH!!!

  3. Joe took the girls to see Frozen and they raved about it. I still need to see it! I heard the songs are awesome!

    Your food sounds amazing from the Super Bowl yesterday!

  4. I am dying to take Drew to see Frozen, but just don't know how he would do. He talks SO much during movies at home and likes to wiggle so I'm not sure. Looks like a fun time in the snow though!