Our Going On's

Can you seriously believe we are 6 days away from Christmas!  It has totally snuck up on me this year.  It's not like i've been busy of preoccupied with a baby or anything either ;)  I think I am just about done shopping.  We didn't go overboard at all this year.  In years past I most certainly have.  I'm sure my girls will get spoiled by their grandparents.  It's so weird saying "my girls"!  I'm still getting used to that =)  So let's see what we've been up to lately!

A package came in the mail last week for Emma and Alyx.  Matching zebra hats from Brian's Aunt!  I love them, and Emma just LOVES having matching things with Alyx.  And I think they look pretty darn cute too =)

Brian surprised me with an early Christmas gift!  A new mothers ring =)  Emma's birthstone is on the left, and Alyx's is on the right.  I just love it!  Last year for Christmas he got me a family ring, and since Alyx has joined our family it was time for a new one =)  

Patch thought Emma would like to have a cupcake after school!  She thought this was the greatest thing ever!  And she always gets a kick out of Patch's notes and how he writes some of his letters backwards ;)

Look who is doing a little smiling these days!  Man these smiles are hard to capture on the camera!  It seems like every time I take the camera out...she stops!  haha  And look at those eyes!  I call her blueberry eyes.  None of us have blue eyes, but i'm hoping that Alyx's stay this bright blue!!

Miss Emma is at school today and Miss Alyx and I are hanging out.  I have to get 2 dozen gingerbread man cookies done today for Emma to bring to school tomorrow.  I have to tell you, I was pretty surprised when I opened Emma's backpack last week and found a note in there from her teacher saying they were doing a Christmas celebration this coming Friday.  Emma also has been coming home from school talking a lot about Jesus.  They have been learning a lot about the true meaning of Christmas and talking to the kids about Jesus.  I think it is great, but i'm shocked.  This is the first year they have really done anything at all Christmas related at school.  She's had fun this week at school!  Alright...since Alyx is napping I need to start on these cookies!! =)  Happy Thursday all!


  1. Alyx is such a cutie! I love all the pictures of course!

  2. That is great that they are talking about the true meaning of Christmas at school!! It's not just about Santa and the things you receive, but also about what you give and do for others as well! We always pick at least ornament off the Jubilee Christmas tree at church

  3. That ring is gorgeous! Good job, Brian!

    I remember the weird feeling of saying "the kids" instead of "the girls"! Still have moments! :-)