Miss Alyx Grace * 1 Month Old

Here is Alyx's official 1 month post =)

Alyx turned 1 month on 12-05-13

Sleeping:  Right now Miss Alyx's sleeping schedule is kind of off.  We're still dealing with whether or not she has acid reflux or colic.  She has been pretty fussy at night, but the last couple of nights she has slept through the night completely.  About 9 hours both nights.  I can't complain there!

Eating:  She loves to eat!  Right now she is eating 4 ounces every 4 hours during the day.

Clothing:  She is still in newborn clothing, but some of it is getting a little snug.  She has been wearing some 0-3 months, but i'm finding that is a little too big.

Weight: 7 pounds 14 ounces
Height: 21 inches
Hair: Kind of a strawberry/brownish colored right now
Eyes: Blue...and i'm hoping they stay blue!

Things she loves/hates:

She LOVES to be cuddled
She HATES baths
She HATES to be naked, that's including when we're changing diapers too
She LOVES to be on her belly
She LOVES to be sang to. Her favorite songs are Amazing Grace & Silent Night, hehe :) 
She LOVES to ride in the car and be in her carseat

And can I just tell you how difficult it was to get these pictures!  It's difficult to position a baby and have them stay in that same position and then snap the picture. haha  

Happy 1 month Miss Alyx!!! =)


  1. Love the stickers! Glad she is sleeping better for you! Hopefully it stays that way!

  2. Tell her Leo hates bathes too. :-( I'm hoping that changes soon!

    Those stickers are too cute!