Christmas Traditions

Today i'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for Christmas Traditions.  Our Christmas Tradition is nothing elaborate and really nothing big.  But it's something that we look forward to every Christmas morning.  So what is it?  Monkey Bread!  We started this tradition on Emma's very first Christmas.  And we have made it every year since.  I only make it once a year and that's Christmas morning =)

This was Emma back in 2008!!  And she is having monkey bread =)

And again in 2009 =)  I guess I missed a few years taking pictures!

If you are interested in the you go!

It is beyond easy to make!!

So there you have it, our Christmas Tradition.  What is your families Christmas Tradition?  


  1. YUM! And, seriously that picture of Emma… SO cute! She was so little! :)

  2. Yum!! Our tradition is that starting way back when we were in like middle school my mom started making a special cheese soup on Christmas eve. We eat with fancy dishes and have cheese soup and drink out of wine glasses and listen to Christmas music lol. No idea how this started! But now that we are grown my brother and I still go there on Christmas eve for cheese soup and then that's when we all open the gifts from my parents. Fun stuff! Then this will be the second year of a new tradition, where my parents come over to spend the afternoon with us on Christmas day play with the girls' new toys with them and then we cook them lunch. Low key and I like it :-)

  3. Yum!!! Love monkey bread! We havent made it lately and now I want some!!