Christmas Cookies

Tonight we got together with a couple of my nieces and made and decorated Christmas sugar cookies.  A big mess was made, but a lot of fun was had =)

Emma sticks her tongue out just like me when I am concentrating =)

To say the least after today I am cookied out!  I made almost 4 dozen gingerbread cookies earlier in the day for Emma to take to school tomorrow.  My decorating skills were horrible as well.  They pretty much look like a 3 year old decorated them! haha


  1. That last picture of the girls is too sweet.
    We (I) have already made 7 dozen decorated sugar cookies, and need to make another batch. Never enough hours in the day!!

  2. We made cookies at my moms house earlier this week! One of my favorite christmas traditions! Making a mess makes it more fun! :oP

  3. I love doing these things but hate having to clean up the mess! Ha! We meant to frost ours yesterday and still haven't so I better get on that this afternoon.