Why i've been MIA

So.  Yeah, i've been MIA for about a week now.  I haven't even got caught up on blogs that I read on a daily basis.  So here is why.

Monday I woke up and did not feel good at all.  Like nausea's and just really yucky feeling.  I ended up calling out of work sick.  And thankfully I had a doctors appointment already scheduled for 2:30 that afternoon.  We headed to the doc's, and my blood pressure was high, and there was a lot of "yucky" stuff in my urine as they put it.  They wanted me to head right over to the hospital after I left there and have a bunch of blood work done, and then wanted me back at the doctors office Tuesday morning at 8:00 am.

Tuesday came, and I felt worse.  I developed a horrible cough overnight, and was now vomiting a lot.  My blood pressure was still high at the office, they did a NST (non stress test) and everything with the baby looked fine.  Thank god!  So after that appointment, they said if anything changed, to make sure I gave them a call.

Wednesday morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a mack truck.  So I called them and they wanted me to come right in.   Blood pressure, still up.  Nausea & vomiting, still there.  I was certain they were going to admit me right then.  But they didn't.  The doctor explained to me, with this cold or virus that I have it would be more risky to deliver the baby.  So until I can get rid of this horrible crud I have, Alyx will need to stay put.  He gave me some meds for the cough, and put me on an antibiotic to hopefully clear up this sickness that I have.  Also he has put me out of work until I deliver.  So that means I don't go back to work now until February!  Yesterday, Thursday, was the only day I didn't see the doctor.  I did go today, they checked my BP, which is still high, and told me to get lots and lots of rest.  My mother in law took Emma for the night for me, and Brian is working so I see lots of sleep in my future tonight.

So basically at this point i'm praying that I start to feel better asap, and that everything continues to be healthy for Alyx.  I go back on Monday afternoon for an ultrasound and another appointment with my doctor and hopefully i'm feeling better by then!  And hopefully the BP issues are because i've been sick.

Tomorrow I will update you all on our Halloween!  Which I have to say was super uneventful since it was a complete downpour here =(.  We made the best of it though!!


  1. sounds like you've had an eventful week. hope your able to get lots of rest and you feel better soon

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Good thing I'm facebook friends with you or I would have been convinced that your blogging absence meant you had the baby! lol Now no more blogging, go to bed! ;-)

  3. Yuck! So sorry you have been feeling like crud! Rest up and get healthy! It won't be long until you meet your baby girl!

  4. I agree with Shawna… so glad I have you on FB so I can "stalk" you to make sure everything is okay, haha! Take.it.easy!

  5. I'm praying that you bounce back from this illness quickly!!