1 Week Old

This past week has gone by so incredibly fast.  I cannot believe it has been an entire week already since Miss Alyx was born.  So far she is a really good baby!  She has done well during the night.  Only getting up about every 4 hours or so.  I can handle that!  We had her one week Well child check today.  They said she looks great!  Although, I'm really thinking she might be constipated.  So tomorrow i'll be calling the doctor in the morning to see what she suggests.  We had the same problem with Emma when she was born as well.  Hopefully it goes away soon!  Alyx did great at her first "official' outing at the doctor.  As soon as we buckle her into the car seat, she falls right to sleep.  =)

So yesterday I mentioned we had photos done.  The lady that did them was so incredibly patient.  She told us it would take her a couple of hours to do them.  She was here for about 3 hours.  She doesn't like to rush because as she said that just makes the baby even more cranky.  Alyx was great.  Very chill and slept through about 95% of the photos =)  Last night she posted a couple of sneak peeks on her facebook page of the photos!  And I cannot wait to see the rest of them!  Here is a sneak peek.

{click on picture to enlarge}

I Love Love Love this picture of Emma & Alyx!  Emma just absolutely adores Alyx, and has been absolutely amazing with her. She is such a huge help with her.  I'm sure after a while the newness of having a sister will wear off, but right now she is nothing but amazing with her.  I love these 2 more that I can put into words.

{click on picture to enlarge}

This one is too cute for words too!  I can't wait to see the rest of the photos, and then pick out one for Christmas Cards! =)