Weekend Recap

I very much dislike when weekends have to end....well the weekends that I am off from work anyway =)  We had a great weekend!!  Saturday Brian had to work during the day, and Emma and I ended up meeting him at work and having lunch with him.  After we went grocery shopping, and as I was leaving I noticed a Seafood truck parked along side the road with a sign that said 5 Lobsters for $20.00.  Score!  I stopped and picked some up, and when Brian got out of work we had lobsters, corn on the cob and potato salad for supper!  Sooo good! 

This morning I called my parents and invited them for an afternoon BBQ.  I really wish they lived in the same town.  But they came down, Brian made us up some really great burgers, and I made a Caesar salad, for dessert I made a dirt cake!  I'll have to share the recipe for it soon, it's so simple but yet so good! 

Later this afternoon we took Emma to the university gardens to take some pictures of her.  It's been a while since we have done this.  Andddd, we got a lot of fake smiles from her! haha  But a lot of them came out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself =)

Emma already loves her baby sister!

I really dislike having my pictures taken! ha =)
After we left there, we took Emma to Burger King for an ice cream cone.  Can't be there 50 cent cones right now!  We then took a drive to the lake and day dreamed about one day owning a camp on that lake =) 

Emma has been so excited for the Disney Movie, Teen Beach Movie to come on.  Well it premiered on Friday...and guess what?  Friday around 8:15 we lost power, and never got the power back until Noon on Saturday.  So she missed the movie.  But have no fear, it's on again tonight!  So we're letting Emma stay up late to watch it.   She had fun on the way back from the lake, we stopped and let her run around the splash pad at the park and then we came home and she drove around the yard in her battery operated mustang. 
It was a great weekend.  I wish it could last longer, but tomorrow it's back to work.  BUT, i'm working days tomorrow so i'll be home at night tomorrow!  Friday we leave for Boston to see Taylor Swift!!!  And then Saturday morning we're leaving Boston and heading to Rhode Island for 2 days.  It's going to definitely be a long long long car ride.  Thankfully we have a dvd player, DS, Kindle, and anything else to keep her occupied! haha! =) 
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Cute pictures! I love the one where she's making a heart on your belly :-)

    Have fun at Taylor Swift!

  2. Love that first pic of Emma in the tree and the heart on your belly, so sweet

  3. Fun weekend! You captured some great shots of Emma, but that last one with the heart on your tummy is the sweetest!! :)