Day 3: Commenting Challenge

I'm linking up with Jenna's Journey again today for Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge!  Todays topic is Pintrest!!  I'll be honest, I got onto the Pintrest bandwagon a little later than most people.  I had heard of it, but honestly never really understood it.  But then one night, I figured it out, and then became obsessed with it! 
So my absolute favorite Pintrest recipe I have found yet is Honey yeast rolls.  These have been a huge hit every time I have made them!  I did a post about them HERE.  They are simple to make, but yet soooo yummy!!
I have also come across a few recipes from pintrest that looked great, but then after making them found out they weren't so great. 
I'm loving pintrest right now for baby ideas too.  Nursery ideas for the baby etc.  =)

Speaking of baby...tomorrow I have my 24 week baby update!  Tomorrow, I will be exactly 24 weeks!  I also have the gestational check as well.  I really don't look forward to it, I remember when I was pregnant with Emma and I had all I could do to drink down that bottle of orange stuff! Yuck!  But as soon as i'm done that, I head right to have another ultrasound =)  We are sooo excited to see her face again =)  And I tell you, she is a wiggly little baby!  She is constantly moving around in my belly.  I don't remember Emma being this active at all.  There are times when it actually keeps me awake, but I love it! 
And all I have is 1 picture to share with you all today.  Emma loves driving around in her mustang, but she sure is a crazy driver!!
Happy Wednesday all!! =)