Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was nothing but awesome!  Brian and I were both off from work =)  I think i'm really going to be sad to see summer end.  Not at all ready for another long winter here in Maine!

So Saturday started with Brian and I both being able to sleep in until 11:00 am!  We both worked the night before and my mother in law kept Emma so we could get caught up on some sleep =)  A little later on my parents came down for a bit.  We hit up the Farmers Market for some goodies, and then went to lunch.  Emma really needed a new lifejacket for Sunday and we couldn't find one anywhere.  We ended up at Dicks Sportgoods and finding one for $27.00.  I really didn't want to spend that much on one, but she needed it.  And has anyone tried the Starbucks Refresher?  It's new to our Starbucks and they are amazing!  I had to grab one from Starbucks while we were at Target! =)

Saturday evening I heard something in our fireplace.  Well Brian checked it out with a flashlight and didn't find anything.  But I was positive that there was something in there!  Saturday evening Emma and my niece Hannah ran through the sprinkler and then our town had fireworks that night.  They were awesome too.  (And yes, I didn't bring my darn camera!) 

So now onto Sunday morning.  Remember the noise I heard in my fireplace?  Well Brian heard it and it was really loud.  So he called his father and almost 2 hours later they discovered a bird in there.  They finally got it out and let it go outside and it flew away!  Thankfully it was ok!

Sunday afternoon we headed to one of my co-workers houses, she lives on a lake.  A bunch of us went up there for the day to swim, boat and go tubing!!

I chose not to go tubing, and this is why!! hahah

And there goes Brian! haha

And there is Brian swimming back to the boat!  They had a blast tubing!  The kids also wanted to get on the tube, so they pulled them around the lake super duper slow! =)

After swimming and tubing we had an awesome BBQ!  Chicken, Hot dogs, and hamburgers.  With all kinds of yummy salads.  And the deserts were awesome!  Whoopie pies, Dirt Cake, Scotcheroos and all kinds of cookies! 

Isn't she just the cutest thing!!!

And to end the night we went for an early evening boat ride!  Emma loved it!  We had such an awesome time with great friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! =)


  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. We took our boat out yesterday too, the girls love it.

  2. The day at the lake looked awesome!

  3. I love days on the lake! Emma is just too cute :-)