Tuesday at the Market

Tuesdays and Fridays are by far the best days, because the farmers market is open!  We love going during the summer.  They have some of the best and freshest vegetables.  So today was Tuesday and it's open in the afternoons so we went! =)

Emma and I started the day by having lunch downtown with a friend of mine and her little girl.  We went to an awesome bagel shop and had I guess a brunch.  Bagels and raspberry lime rickeys!   After that we headed to the mall for a bit.  And then headed home.  By that time Brian was out of work for the day so that's when we headed to the market.

Getting ready to do some shopping!  And my new Thirty-One tote came today so we used that!  Is anyone else as much in love with Thirty-One as I am?  My friend is a consultant and i'm officially obsessed with their products.  I have so much of their stuff now, and i'm loving it!  Emma is loving it too.  And this tote was perfect for picking our stuff up today at the farmers market!

Picking out some fresh Maine corn on the cob!

Emma paid the people for our cabbage and corn =)

Another succesful trip to the market!  Corn on the cob, cabbage, and homemade bread!
We had the most awesome dinner tonight.  And every single thing was cooked on the grill, so that meant hardly any dishes!  Love those kind of suppers! 

My inlaws live just up the street from us, so we tend to do dinner with them a lot.  Tonight it was our turn to cook for them!  Here's what we had!  Grilled corn on the cob, Grilled potatoes with seasoning, grilled marinated porkchops, grilled chicken, and grilled shrimp!  We had enough food for an army, but it was soooo good! 

I'm definately going to miss summer by the time fall comes.  I love being able to grill out.  Tonight we had a campfire on our patio with Emma and watched a couple of sattelites go by in the sky.  That was pretty cool!  We toasted marshmallows and listened to all the crickets in our backyard.  So peaceful.  I love this time of the year...Maine winters are sooo long. 

Tomorrow is gymnastics!  My parents are coming down to watch Emma practice for the first time!  She is excited for them to see her in action!  I'll definately be bringing my camera with me tomorrow!  Goodnight All! =)


  1. Your dinner looks sooooo good!!

  2. Yes, I LOVE 31 too! Their new colors have some purple! I LOVE PURPLE!

    1. My absolute favorite color is purple! And I got to look at the new catalog yesterday that is coming out very soon! They have a new purple paisley print that i'm going to have to get! I love their stuff! =)