Next Level!

It's another gymnastics post!  I hope nobody gets tired of me posting about gymnastics, but right now it's a big part of Emma's life =)  I don't remember if I mentioned this before or not, but Emma started gymnastics in June.  She did a round of level 1 and then we expected she would move onto level 2.  Well, in order to move onto Level 2 you have to be able to complete everything that is requested of you in level 1.  So at the end of level 1, we got her report card as you would call it I guess, and it said she needed to do another round of level 1.  Emma at first was upset, but we told her that doing another round of level 1 would just make her that much better at it.  So today was her last day in this class.  We got her report and it said she was moving on to Level 2!!!!  I haven't seen her this excited in a long time! =)  She gave us a huge high five and had a huge smile on her face.  She is just so much in love with everything gymnastics.  From the time she wakes up in the morning she is doing cartwheels and flips through the entire house.  It's cute =)  So here are just a couple of photos from today =)


And there she is showing off her report!!  So she has a week off before starting back up.  This summer the classes have been twice a week, but with school starting soon the classes are only once a week.  So we have decided to pay for the second class as well.  So she will still be going twice a week, and we're hoping for a private lesson next week =) 
Tomorrow Emma is going to a friends Birthday party and then she is heading to my parents house for the rest of the weekend, and she will come home Monday afternoon.  I'm definately going to miss her, but with me working all weekend (and working nights at that) i'll be able to catch up on a lot of sleep!!!  This morning we drove up to the town next to my parents.  My hubby was offered a part time job at the Police Department up there, so we drove up so he could be sworn in =)  I'm super happy for him!  He's still working at the Police Department here, but the other job will be good for when he has days off etc.  And the other cool thing is, at the new Police Department he's at, He will be working with my dad!  I think that's pretty cool =)
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!  =)


  1. Emma looks so proud holding up her report; congrats!

    And, congrats to your hubby on his new job!