Gymnastics & Swim!

So I had promised photos of Emma at gymnastics this past Wednesday.  Well, that didn't happen.  I did bring my camera, however they have a gymnastics camp going on this week for the older kids and it was raining that day so they had them watching a movie inside the gym instead.  So I felt kinda silly taking pictures.  But Friday I took photos! =)  Emma is doing sooo amazing in gymnastics still.  We are so proud of her.  She is loving it so much.  And we surprised her with finally buying her a leotard! =)

Socializing is part of gymnastics right!!  They are so cute together! =)

So today we headed to my parents for the day.  It's about an hour drive from where we live.  The weather wasn't the greatest today but Emma insisted she swim in the pool!  I swear the cold water is nothing to kids! 

Emma is such a fish now!  She loves to swim underwater!

We had a good time today!  Tomorrow we are going to be at my in laws house for a huge lobster feed!  Can't wait for it!  Pictures to follow tomorrow night!! =)  Have a great weekend everyone!! =)


  1. aww, she's so cute in that little leotard!

  2. How cute is she in her leotard. Glad she's enjoying gymnastics

  3. So cute! We are debating on put my Emma back in gymnastics or dance! Looks like y'all have a great program there!

    1. Emma is loving gymnastics here. It's done through the YMCA =)