Emma's Weekend!

Miss Emma has gone to my parents house for the weekend!  She refers my mom and dad as "Nana & BeeBee".  =)  She left yesterday afternoon and will be home tomorrow evening.  My mom e-mailed me some pictures from their adventure today.  Here is Emma having fun!

Emma & BeeBee

This is located in Baxter State Park.  Where Mt Katahdin is located.  Mt Katahdin is the end of the Appalacian Trail.  I was very fortunate to grow up there.  Isn't it beautiful there =)

Hiking into the Park.  I think she was pretending this was her balance beam! =)


 Emma and Nana =)

Apparently Emma insisted if she was going for a Hike then she had to have a walking stick! 

Looks to me like she's having a good time! =)  When they got back to my parents house this afternoon she went swimming in the pool and then they took her out for supper.  I'm pretty sure she will sleep good tonight!!! =)


  1. What a beautiful place! So sweet that she gets that special time with her grandparents! Oh, memories...

  2. I love the names she has for your parents. :) It is fun to see these pictures of her with her "BeeBee"; you can just see how much your dad loves being around her.

  3. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I'm just starting out with this photography thing so its good to get encouragement. I LOVE the name Emma! And you live in Maine? I've always wanted to visit! xo