I follow Joeylee over at Sweet N Sassy Girls and I saw that she was linking up today with Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect.  So here we go! 

Current Book(s):

Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy [Paperback]

This was the last book I read.  It's time to find soemthing new!  Anyone have any good book ideas? 

Current Playlist:

Luke Bryan - I don't want this night to end
Katie Perry - Wide awake
Gloriana - Kissed You (Goodnight)

Current Color(s):

I am ADDICTED to this nailpolish!  I love that it dries super quick.  Being a mom it's important to have your nails dry quickly! =)

Current Food/Drink:

Love sweet tea!  I'm also currently obsessed with making my own iced coffee.  Do you know how expensive it can be to buy an iced coffee everyday?  It adds up quickly.  So i'm trying to the whole making it myself thing =)

Current Favorite Show(s):

Pretty much obsessed with the Olympics right now.  Especially the Gymnastics & Swimming!!!  My 5 year old has had some super late nights watching the girls gymnastics!  She is loving it! =)

Current Needs:

For someone to come to my house and be a maid for a day =)  Wouldn't that be nice! =)

Current Banes:

People who have nothing good to say about anyone or anything.  Super pet peeve of mine!  My theory, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

Current Celebrity Crush:

This is way clitche but

Love Channing Tatum!

Current #1 Blessing:

My family.  They are absolutely everything to me.  I would be completely lost without them!

Current Indulgence:

Chocolate.  It's always Chocolate.  It's a terrible terrible thing.  Haha
Especially the Cadbury Dairy Chocolate.  Pretty much melts in your mouth.  Pure wonderfulness! 

Current Excitement:

We're counting down the days to our Disney World trip!!!  127 days and counting! =)

Current Mood:

I'm in a good mood!  My husband and I are both off this weekend and it's suppose to be beautiful out, and we're planning on heading to the lake! =)

Current Favorite Quote or Verse:

Current Wishlist:

I honestly cannot think of anything that I really want at the moment.  Just for a happy & healthy family!

Current Favorite Items:

Loving this stuff!  It smells so good and it's just great =)

So what are your current favorites? 

I also have to share that i'm excited about something else!!  I actually finally won a giveaway on a blog!!!  I won a personalized decal for my car.  Head on over to her blog, because she's doing another giveaway.  This time it's a Laptop Decal!  Head on over to Lea Liz at The Rolands

I hope everyone enjoys their day!!! =)


  1. How fun you get to go to Disney again. Congrats on winning a giveaway, its always fun to win something

  2. Congrats on the giveaway! I love Channing Tatum and that Luke Bryan song! :)

  3. I actually bought my sister-in-law the "the love between a mother and son is forever" necklace ...I love that quote too! :-)