80's Flashback!

My mother posted a photo the other day on her facebook page.  Yeah my mother who is 60 years old is more into facebook than I am!  She makes me laugh.  Anywayyy.  She posted a photo the other day and I laughed so hard when I saw it.  So here it is...

Me and my childhood friends!!!  I believe this was taken in 1986.  I laughed soooo hard when I saw this picture.  And it definately made me smile.  Growing up where I did was so much fun!  So left to right.  My cousin Katie (who was like a sister to me), my Friends Serenity & Chelsea, which sadly they moved away shortly after this photo was taken but we have always remained in contact and they are both my best friends to this day!  And then there is Me =)  That's quite the face I have going on there.  And then my cousin Jonathan.  Things back then were so simple and we had no worries at all.  It was a great place growing up with great friends and family! =) 
I didn't have anything else to post today, so I thought an 80's flashback would be pefect!!! =) 


  1. I had the same chopped hair and perm do in the 80s too. Our mothers must have thought they were cute!

  2. Love the 80's picture! Sometimes I wish I could go back and live in the 80's/90's again....those were the good ol' days! :)