Moose Point State Park

Emma's field trip for Kindergarten was a trip to Moose Point State Park.  When I was growing up we never went out of town for field trips hardly.  But Emma's class traveled over an hour to the ocean to a park.  Originally we had asked Emma if she wanted us to chaperone her field trip.  Her response was this.  I'm copying and pasting this from my husbands facebook status: 

So on my way to dropping Emma off at school today, I ask her if she wants me to go with her on her upcoming field trip? Her reply:
Em: No daddy.
Me: Why not?
Em: Cause I need a break.
Me: A break from what?
Em: Daddy, I just need some time away from you and mommy!
I couldn't stop laughing, apparently we smother her!

Seriously!!  When Brian came home after dropping her off from school and told me this I about died laughing.  But also I was kind of sad that she didn't want us to go!!  However, the next day she changed her mind and said she really wanted us to go! That made me happy again! 

Emma rode on the bus with her class and Brian and I followed behind in our car.  The weather didn't look too promising on our drive there.  Cloudy and drizzly.  The plan when we got there was for the kids to have their morning snack, then head down to the ocean to play and explore around the tidal pools! 

Emma and her best friend Allie.  These two are so cute together, and have grown soooo much since meeting in Pre-K last year!

I was super nervous about the kids walking out onto these rocks.  With the water and seaweed is was super slippery.  But there were no injuries at all!!! =)

The water was a tad bit cold! 

Found a crab! 

I have always wanted to find a real starfish, one of the kindergarten kids found this and I was so excited about it!  I love starfish!

Miss Emma with her teacher.  She is an amazing teacher and Emma just loves her!

And a class photo before leaving the beach area =)

All the kids had a BLAST!  They were all so good.  There are 5 Kindergarten classes in Emma's school and every class was well behaved and had a really good time.  Even the parents had fun =)

Today is Emma's last day of Kindergarten.  Forever.  Oh my word this makes me sad.  I cannot believe how fast this year went by.  We started out the year kind of on a rocky start with Emma not wanting to go to school, to waking up every single day now even on weekends wanting to go to school.  She has had the best kindergarten experience.  Her teacher has been amazing and she has learned so much and made friendships that will last forever.  I may or may not have cried a little this morning.  I even brought my camera with me to her school this morning to take pictures of her going into school =)

She was so excited to get into school this morning!! =)  Running as fast as she can!

Her school doesn't do a Kindergarten graduation, which kind of disapoints me.  But oh well.  After she gets out of school today we are taking her to the mall to build a bear, so she can build a bear =) 
I hope everyone enjoys their day!!!  I'm sure mine will be spent with a few tears, my baby is growing up!!


  1. how fun. she looks like she had a good time. cute pictures

  2. awww....1st grade next year! Looks like she had a great end to the school year though! :-)

  3. How do they grow up so fast??

    I am sure Bryce will be saying that to me and Sam when he gets older...heck he already tells us to leave him alone sometimes. Ha!!