We had such a great weekend here!  We went to my grandmothers who lives about 3 hours away from me.  She lives in this little tiny town in northern Maine, up near the Canadian border.  My fathers side of the family are all from Sweden.  Back in 1870 Maine recruited hundereds of swedish immigrants to settle in Northen Maine.  The exact date was July 23, 1870.  So every year on July 23rd the community celebrates Midsommar.  So there is your brief history lesson, now lets move onto some pictures!! =)

I'm in love with the scenery at my grandmothers.  This was taken at her house.  It's beautiful.

This is the Maypole...they decorate it in beautiful wild flowers.  After it is all decorated kids dressed up in swedish attire dance around it.  They are always so cute.  We missed that part though =(

The museum has so much to look at.  Emma loved looking at all the old stuff.  And some of the things in this museum once belonged to family members of ours. 

This is Emma with her great grandmother.  My grandma =)  She is the sweetest lady ever.  And can you believe she is 92 years old!  She still lives on her own and all.  I love my grandmother so much, but I don't get to see her as often as I would like.  Growing up I would spend almost my entire summer at her house.  Back then she lived on a big farm, where my dad grew up.  She had horses and cows, and it was sooo much fun staying there with her.  =)   She sure does love Emma right to pieces! =) 

We had a great weekend.  We have a busy week ahead of us.  I work Monday to Wednesday.  Emma has gymnastics twice this week, and then I'm having a Thirty-One party!  If anyone is interested in purchasing anything let me know and it can be shipped directly to your house =) 

And Emma is LOVING gymnastics!  She had a little bit of a melt down on Friday, for some reason she didn't think she was in the right class and she started to cry.  But the coach noticed it right away and took Emma aside and let her help with carrying some mats around the gym area, it took Emma's mind right off it!  She is doing so well with it, and i'm super proud of her! =)  Here is a couple of pics from Fridays class.

I hope everyone enjoys their week!! =)