Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrated Fathers day just a little bit early in our family.  It's so hard sometimes with the schedules we all work to get together.  We did a BBQ the other night, and then I surprised my hubby with a gift. =)  I feel like i'm always buying him stuff that is, well, useless.  lol  Sounds terrible right?  I wanted to get him something that I just knew he would absolutely love.  So the other morning we got up, and I told him we were heading to the store.  I brought him to a local store in town that sells hunting supplies and stuff.  We went in and I told him he could pick out a new gun.  You have no idea how much he loves his guns! =)  Totally redneck right?  Haha   I guess that's part of the law enforcement in him and the hunting in him.  He was like a kid in the candy store picking out his new gun =)  So he picked out what he wanted and a few hundered dollars later we left.  Oh. My. Word.  I seriously don't get why they are soooo expensive!  I informed him that this was a combined Fathers Day and Anniversary gift for him =)

My father bought Emma her first gun when she was 2 years old for Christmas.  A pink .22 shotgun.  Seriously.  She had never used it so we thought that being 5 years old we would give it a shot.  So off to the range we went. 

This girl can go from dresses and bows to jeans, boots and gun and still look so stinkin' cute!! =)

Those holes aren't all from Emma....she had some help from Dad =)

I hope all the dads have a great Fathers Day today!  I know we sure will!!! =)  Happy Sunday everyone! =)

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  1. My hubby loves his guns as well:) Bryce already has a shot gun, of course he has not used it yet but I know Sam cannot wait until that day!