Commenting Challenge - What my blog is all about {Day 2}

This is day 2 of Jenna's Journey Comment Challenge!  Today we are asked to tell what our blog is all about!  To be quite honest I have no idea how I started reading blogs.  I think I was online on google looking for something about photography and came across a blog.  I was quite surprised that people put so much online about themselves.  Well, then I started reading a ton of blogs and never commented on any of them.  Then one day I decided what the heck, i'll start a blog!  So I found someone that could help me make it look nice and then I took off with blogging.  I blog about our every day life.  I LOVE taking photos and this is a place where I can put my photos up and family and friends can read what we have been up to.  I love to blog about vacations we take, and again our normal every day to day life.  Emma is recently into gymnastics and i'm having a blast taking photos of her there and i'm anxious to blog more about her progress! =) 

I have been fortunate to have "met" some really awesome blogging friends.  People I have never met, but feel like I know them.  We follow each others blogs, give advice, and share inspirations.  I have posted a few recipes on my blog before and I really want to get into sharing more.  I love to cook and I have come across quite a few recipes that I think the whole world should try, so maybe someday i'll put together a big recipe blog =) 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!  =)