Long Weekend!

I just *LOVE* long weekends!  I ended up taking a day off from work Friday so I would have Friday, Saturday & Sunday off!  I thought maybe it would be a nice relaxing few days off....boy was I wrong!! haha  Friday my husband had planned to start working on our patio area.  He had a friend of his coming over to help him.  Mind you neither of them have any patio experience at all.  So they got started not really knowing exactly what they were doing. haha  They were shoveling sand into the area they wanted, and then out of the blue one of our neighbors appeared with a tractor!  This was a HUGEEEE help!  He loaded all the dirt into the area where we needed it.  I just love my neighbors =)  Brian, his friend, and Me all worked until about 7:00 pm last night.  We started at 10:00ish.  It was a long day.  We ended up going out to eat last night when all was said and done.  So today we got up at 8:30, and headed to Home Depot to get a few more things we needed.  Today it was just me and my husband doing all the work.  We got back from Home Depot around 10:00 and again we didn't stop until almost 7:30 tonight.  Oh. My. Word.  Putting a patio down is HARD work.  I am sore in places I haven't been sore in a long long time! haha  I took a shower this evening and I think I stood under the hot water for at least 45 minutes.  So here are the photos of what we accomplished!

Day 1.  Prepping the area where the patio will be.  =)
(doesn't he just look soooo happy )  =)

Don't mind the Rhubarb bush in the backyard that has gone to seed at the top.  I usually get out to cut it and make something with it, but there wasn't much time this year.  Looks pretty crappy right now! =)

Our awesome neighbor and our Friend doing some of the work.

Emma was soooo good while we were doing this.  My husbands mom came down and kept her company.  Emma has a playhouse that we hadn't cleaned yet this spring.  So my mother in law emptied it all out, I got Emma a big bucket of warm water and soap and she went to town cleaning her kitchen set.  And the cool part of her kitchen set, it was my husbands when he was her age =)

She insisted on wearing her boots outside =)

TA-DAAA!!  There are some that are kinda crooked and not exactly 100% even, but you know what, it was our first patio we have ever put down.  We had to go in and fill all the holes with sand.

I love how one of our cats, Bella, is sitting in the window in this picture! =)

I'm sooo excited to start using this!  We still need to rototil the front portion you see in the picture.  Then I will plant some flowers and plants and it will look much much better.  Brian also needs to sand down the wooden beams a bit as well.  Tomorrow i'm going to get my patio table on it and we are having a BBQ with some friends and family!! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend!!! =)