I Love him...

This morning has been perfect so far.  Brian worked the overnight last night, so he didn't get home until after 7:00 this morning.  He let me sleep in until 10:00!  I love sleeping in =)  When I got up I could immediately smell cleaning products.  I went into the kitchen and my hubby had cleaned it spotless, including washing the floor!!!  He changed the laundry over and folded what was in the dryer.  And the living room was also spotless.  And what was sitting on one of my tables in the living room.....

A beautiful bright springy bouquet of flowers!!!  They are soooo pretty!  And so unexpected!!

Seeing the note put a HUGE smile on my face!!

It was so nice to sleep in and wake up to this =)  Definately made my day! 

We are having our side lawn fixed today!  YAY!!!  The guy who is doing it is a coworker of mine.  I went out and said hi and he told me that it's a bigger job than they expected.  Sooo hopefully all goes well for them in doing it!!  =)  Have a great Saturday everyone!!! =)

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