Pizza Night =)

Last night my inlaws were watching 2 of my nieces for a couple of hours, so I thought it might be fun to do pizza for supper with them!  Emma loves to make her own pizza.  I don't make my own crust, I buy the premade crust, which is way easier.  But it's still really good!  So we headed to my inlaws house for supper.  Which is like ohh maybe 4 houses away from us!  Haha  They used to live much closer...1 house away!  People think it is so funny that my husband and I bought the house next door to where he grew up.   Emma was born 2 months premature, and spent 1 month in the NICU.  It was so helpful to have my mother in law right next door to help me if I needed anything.  In 2008, my inlaws sold their house and built a brand new house 4 houses down, so they didn't move far at all!  =)

My niece Haley making her pizza =)  Dirty face and all =)

Emma being silly!  This girl LOVES black olives.  She put them on her half of the pizza, and then I went to put some on another pizza and the can of them was gone.  She ate every one of them!  Guess it's better than candy! =)

My niece Hannah.  This is the pizza that she and Emma made.  Can you tell which part is Emma's?  Yup, the one with the black olives.  They were pretty upset when they realized they hadn't put the cheese on it yet and they had to cover up their masterpiece with the cheese. Haha

We have a local pizza shop here that makes a Taco pizza.  My husband wanted to try and replicate it.  I must say he did a darn good job!  It was so good!  Here's the recipe if you want to try it =)

                                                                 Precooked pizza crust
Top the crust with Salsa
Add taco cheese
Hamburg (we precooked it)
And then basically any veggie.  We added:
Black Olives
& Lettuce.  Yes Lettuce.  I thought it would get really yucky and soggy, but it didn't!

When it comes out of the oven drizzle it with a little queso sauce and then crumble doritos on top of it!  And that's it!  It was really really good!

And last night I got to meet the newest additon to our family:

Meet 8 week old Riley!! =) 

Isn't he absolutely adorable!  Riley belongs to my nieces Hannah & Haley.  They got him as a surprise Easter gift =)  He is so cute and cuddly! =)

Yesterday my hubby and I had a really good day.  We dropped Emma off at school and then I had an appointment to have a recall issue on my Jeep done.  The dealership said it would take a couple of hours to fix so we decided we would hang out in "the city" as we call it.  There is this restaurant downtown that I have been begging Brian to take me to.  I have ordered takeout sandwiches from them at work and they are amazing!  All of their sandwiches are done on their homemade bagels.  They make about 20 different flavored bagles everyday.  And the same with their cream cheese.  Finally he agreed to go there =)  We went and it was still breakfast time so we had homemade Onion Bagels with Lox spread.  Oh. My. Word.  It was amazing, and he had to agree!  Lox spread is cream cheese with smoked salmon in it.  It's just amazing.  As we were sitting their enjoying our bagels we split a homeade Raspberry Lime Ricky drink.  That was super yummy too!  Brian looked at me and said I don't know why it took me so long to come here and eat! haha  He made me laugh.  I told him that I had begged him for like 6 months to go there =) 

After we left there we went to Home Depot and bought ourselves a brand spankin new garbage dispossel!  Woohoo!  haha  Ours has been broken for over a year, so we definately needed a new one.  We then went to Kohls, and I got myself a new pair of flip flops for Florida, and then we went to Petco for a new collar for Gunner.  Brian was insistant that Gunner needed a camo collar =) 

After all this it was getting kind of close to picking Emma up at school, we came home and hung out for a while before it was time to head to the inlaws for supper.

So I just kind of realized that I did this post kind of backwards.  I went from our evening to what we did in the morning!  Oh well, I'm not going to fix it. =) 

I dropped Emma off at school this morning, and now i'm hanging out getting caught up on laundry, did some dishes picked up a tad and now i'm enjoying some time catching up on blogs and watching the Today Show =)  Hope everyone enjoys their morning! =)


  1. Your niece Haley looks so much like your daughter! I didn't realize it was a different child at first haha.

    Cute new puppy they have too! :-)

    1. A lot of people say they look alike! haha =)