Blog Catch Up!

It's been a crazy week here!  But the weekend is just about here!  We've been pretty busy lately.  We finally had Emma's allergy testing the other day.  And thankfully, no allergies to anything!  She has had a lot of runny noses/runny eyes/stuffy noses and all that yucky stuff this winter.  I was really worried that she was allergic to our dog and cats, but nope she isn't!  =)

So I have been taking my online photography class!  It's a lot of fun, but there is so much to learn.  I have been mainly focusing on manual mode.  Oh boy.  This is hard for me for some reason.  There is so much to learn with ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture.  It all confuses me. Haha  Anwyay, I went out and took some photos of Emma the other day.  And not all of them were shot in Manual.  Just some of them!

My husband met us while I was taking pictures of Emma, and of course I had to take one of them =)

This past Sunday we went to a benefit Hockey game for a police officer that recently passed away that lives in a town near us.  This was Emma's first hockey game, and she loved it! 

The Easter bunny showed up at our house a little early for Emma.  We were planning on giving her a new bike for Easter, but the weather had been so nice, the bike came a little early!  She loves it! =)

Last night we dyed easter eggs.  They didn't come out that great, but Emma still had fun doing them! 

Tonight is one of my nieces 4th Birthday parties!  They are having a pizza party for it, so that should be fun!  I hope everyone enjoys their Friday!!! =)