Weekend update!

We had another great weekend!  Yesterday we spent the afternoon with a friend of ours.  She brought her dog over to our house and we let them run and run and run outside.  They were tuckered out little pups when they were done!  We then had supper at local restaurant here in our town.  They have such yummy food.  It's a little greek restaurant, everything is always so fresh and good! 

After dinner we went to my inlaws.  Emma and Brians mother made homemade bread yesterday and she baked it off last night.  It was soooo cute!  We haven't eaten her loaf yet, but the rolls they made were good!! =)

Today we spent a while outside making a snowman!  It's the first one we have been able to do this winter! 

And of course I had to post a photo of Gunner too!  He sure does love to run and find sticks of course!! =)

So I am sooooooooo excited in just 15 minutes the new season of my very very very very favorite show comes on!!!

I love this show!  And I can't wait for the 2 hour special tonight.  I'm not going to leave the recliner for the entire thing!  =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! =)


  1. Those pics of Emma with the snowman are so cute.
    Your dog is adorable

  2. She is such a doll! That is like the coolest snowman ever. Have I mentioned I'm jealous of your snow? :)

  3. Thank you!! The snow is fun for the first part of the winter, but after about 5 months of it, i'm ready for it to be gone! =)