St Patricks Day!

We had a really good St Patricks Day this year!  Brian and I were both off from work and we went to camp for the night with Emma and a few of our friends. 

Friday Emma had school and they all dressed in green!  I got Emma a t-shirt last year from Old Navy and it still fit her this year!  So she wore that.  I always make something little for her teacher on special holidays or days like St Patricks Day.  I wasn't sure what to make for St Patricks Days, but I came across this really cool idea over at Life {Sweet} Life  Sarah has the cutest ideas and this is where I got the idea for Emma's teacher.  You have to check her out!  I definately have to thank her for posting the idea and also for the free printable tags!  Thanks Sarah! =)

Emma's teacher really liked it a lot too! =)

So Saturday afternoon we headed out to camp!  We went with a couple of friends, and the weather was really quite nice.  Nice enough that we didn't need jackets!  Emma always has so much fun when we are out there.  It's such a nice camp, just like a house except no running water.  Thankfully there is a generator so we have electricity! 

Emma and I had the same shirts! =)  My face looks totally weird in this photo! haha

My Hubby.  I love him.  =)  UMaine Hockey played last night against Boston College for the Hockey East title and sadly they lost 4-1.  But their season isn't quite over yet, now they are off to the NCAA championship in the next few days! =)


Can you tell that Emma and Gunner are like best friends!  They get along and love each other so much!

Saturday night we had a bon fire outside.  It was great.  Being outside at night in March here in Maine is kinda a big deal!  Usually it is bitterly cold, but it wasn't at all last night!  It was fantastic!

We also found something out there that kept Emma entertained for quite some time!  Check it out:

The original Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo!  She had a blast playing it!  The nintendo was my husbad and his brothers growing up!  It was such a flash back for us! =)

The weather here in Maine today was Unbelievable!!!!!  In the morning it was a little rainy, but as soon as we left camp and came home around 10:00 am, it was about 67 degrees out and all sun!  By 1:00 this afternoon it was 75 degrees.  This is soooo rare for March in Maine!  All the snow is GONE!!!!  The rest of the week is suppose to be goregous as well.  =)

So in my last post I mentioned that Emma saved her money to buy something.  I was going to wait until I took some pictures of her with it, but I haven't done that yet.  If you know Emma, then you know she is obsessed with American Girl dolls.  She has 2 of them.  And she saved her money to buy the one that she really really wanted.  I'm proud of her for saving that much money!  It finally came in the mail and she was sooo excited.  She loves her dolls! =)  And this one is quite cute too! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  It went by quick.  I work Monday & Tuesday night then i'm off for 3 days!! =) 



  1. Adorable pics!! I love you guys in your matching shirts...precious! And thanks for the kind words...your treats turned out so cute!! Oh- and I'm jealous of the original Mario Brothers. Ha! :)

    1. You're welcome! The original mario brothers was definately a blast from the past! We spent quite a while playing it, and it's funny because it was like we just played it yesterday, we remembered everything about the game! haha =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog---your daughter is precious! I hope my girls love American Girl dolls when they're older...I'm dying to buy some! :-)

    1. Thank you! American Girl dolls are the best! I think I have just as much fun playing with them as my daughter! =)