S---N---O---W DAY!

At 5:56 am my phone went off saying that school had been cancelled for our area.  I thought, wow we must have got a lot of snow!  I stayed in bed, Brian called me at 6:45 just to make sure that i got the text message from the school and I told him I did.  I went back to sleep again.  Thennn at 10:15 am...Yup!  10:15 Emma woke up!  She had to have been exhausted!  She has always been a sleeper, thankfully =)  She asked if it was time to go to school and I told her it had been cancelled.  She was a little disappointed and asked why.  So I proceeded to tell her that we got a lot of snow that's why.  Well...I got up and looked out the window.  No Snow.  None.  Zippo.  Not even flurries of snow in the sky.  Honestly i'm completely shocked they cancelled school.  Growing up they would send us to school and if it got really bad during the day they *might* send us home early.  Apperantly that's not the case anymore.  Finally around 12:30 it finally started snowing.  It's sooo pretty when it snows, but I really dislike driving in it.  And unfortunately I have to drive in it today to work.  I work about 20 minutes away from where we live.  So it's not too too far away, but far enough! 

After we got dressed this morning we went outside for a bit.  Emma just had to try out her new sunglasses in the daylight. =)

She loovesees having her pictures taken! 

We came back inside and I make a pork roast.  I always cook my roasts in my crock pot, but this time I decided to try one of those McCormick bag & season packages.  I cooked it in the oven and it smells sooo good!  Dinner will be yummy tonight =) 

Somebody loves playing using my Kindle Fire!  I think she uses more than I do! =)

So today is March 1st.  March is a good month.  Take a look at our calander. 

Do you see what's written on the 25th & the 29th??  Yup that's right, Brian and I are both turning 30 this month.  30 really?  Are we really old enough to be 30???  I can't say that i am ecstatic.  haha  Usually birthdays don't bother me, but i'm not sure i'm ready for the big 3-0 yet!  =) 
Our calander looks bare this month.  Usually it is all filled out with Emma's school stuff, but I haven't had the chance to fill it out yet. 

It is just about time for me to get ready for work.  Another 10 hour shift tonight.  I work from 4pm to 2am.  Tonight and tomorrow night.  Anddd then I am off for the weekend!!  We have plans to go ice fishing on Saturday with some friends and then my brother in laws birthday party on Sunday.  I'm thinking Saturdays plans will change because it's suppose to rain.  We'll see though!  Everyone have a great day!!! =) 


  1. How do you adjust the settings on your camera? I am trying to improve my skills in manual mode and love getting tips from everyone!
    Your pictures always look so clean and crisp!

  2. Thanks Sara! I'll be honest, I don't shoot in manual mode...yet! I'm starting an online momtog photography class on the 15th that will hopefully teach me more in manual. So right now I take all my photos on automatic. But I use lightroom to edit them. I always adjust the exposure, white balance, fill light and contrast! What do you have for a camera?

  3. I would love to shoot in Manual mode but I can never get it right and they end up looking grainy. I need to go and take a class or something. I love your pictures though, they look great. Emma is such a doll. YAY for Disney in 56 days!!