Is this weather for real?!?!

This weather we are getting is just unbelievable.  Usually this time of the year we still have tons of snow.  The snow is completely gone and it was 85 degrees here today!  I am loving it!!!  Emma asked to wear shorts to school today, however I didn't let her.  This morning was pretty cold and I didn't want her to freeze.  But by the time I picked her up at school at 2:20 she was hot and ready to get home and into shorts! 

My mom came down today to visit for the afternoon.  She lives about an hour north of us.  Can you guess what we did this morning/afternoon?  Went car shopping again.  Today I test drove the Kia Sorrento.  It's a really nice suv, had everything I wanted.  However....the seats were kinda rock hard.  Not comfortable at all.  That's kind of a big deal in a car right?  You have to be comfortable.  So after that I really wanted to test drive the new Ford Edge.  They are soooo nice.  I found one that had a lot of the things I wanted in a car and we took it for a ride.  I. Am. In. LOVE!!!  And the best part?  So was my husband!  YAY!!  It drives and rides so nice.  The seats are comfy and it is really spacious and roomy.  I love.  =)  Tomorrow we are heading to another dealership to look at another one.  So excited!  But.  Yes, there is a but.  We are currently in the middle of refinancing our house.  We had our appraisal yesterday.  My fingers are crossed, my toes are crossed anything that I can cross are crossed.  Our appraisal has to come in at a certain amount in order for us to do this.  So as long as that goes well, then when we come back from Florida, then i'll be buying my Ford Edge =)

When Emma got out of school my mom wanted to take us out for a late lunch/early dinner.  She met us at our house and Emma wanted to ride with her.  I wonder why?

Yeah.  That's why.  My mom had her mustang out today because of the nice weather.  Emma insisted she ride with Nana so the wind could blow in her hair.  Jealous.  My nana didn't have a mustang when I was little.  My nana had an old lady mobile of sorts.  I think my mom may be going through a mid life crisis?  She said this was her retirement present to herself.  I'm happy for her though, she loves it.  And well so do I =)

Happy Girl =)

Check out this cupcake that Emma got while we were out to eat.

Crazy frosting!  I had a little bite of the cake part and it was yummy!  Well that's all the pictures I took for today.  Tomorrow we go and look at the other Edge, and I can't wait! =)  Hope everyone enjoyed their day! =)


  1. I wish it was that warm here.
    Good luck with finding your new car
    Sounds like you girls had a great time together

    Thanks for your sweet comments

  2. How fun! So glad you are having wonderful weather to enjoy! It has been raining here ALL.WEEK.LONG! I am ready for some sunshine!!