The Farm and Park

We have a little farm here in our town that is run by the University of Maine.  It is great because you can go and visit anytime you want.  We have brought Emma there since she was born.  In the summers we go a lot.  She loves her farm animals.  Especially cows & horses!  So after picking her up from school we headed to the farm!

Here are some pictures from our day!

Just got out of bed and eating a bowl of cereal.  She was definately a major grumpy pants this morning!  But I still love her! =)

Getting ready to head to school!!!

Whenever we take the dog with us somewhere and if Emma isn't with us, he has to sit in her carseat!  Crazy dog!


This is the result of a cow sneezing on Emma!  Sooo yucky!  But she took it well! =)

After the farm we headed over to the park so Emma could play for a bit.  First time at the park this year!!!!  The weather here was again 85 degrees.  But that is soon to change tomorrow, forcast is saying it's suppose to be chilly!


It was fun to go to the park today.  After being inside all winter long, getting outside is a really big deal! 

The next picture is pretty special to me.  Every year when we take Emma to the farm I take a photo of her and my husband together in the exact same spot.  It's kinda like a growth chart I guess you could say.  Unfortunately I missed a year, but that's ok.  It's still pretty cute! =)

I think I need to frame this picture! =)

Well since it is almost midnight here, I should proabably be going to bed.  Getting up at 6:30 to bring Miss Emma to school.  I forsee a nap in my future tomorrow =)