Happy Valentines Day!!!

It's Valentines Day!!  We had a great day here!  We got up this morning and made pink heart shaped pancakes for Emma's breakfast! 

I feel so ashamed because I took a photo of Emma's breakfast and our dinner, but never even took a picture of her!  She looked super cute today in her jean jumper with a red shirt and red leggings with hearts on them =)  Sooo cute! 

So what did Brian and I give each other for Valentines?  Well, I got him a new outfit.  He is taking Emma to the father daughter Valentine dance this coming Saturday, and he needed something new to wear!  And this is what I got....

Yup!  Most girls get flowers and chocolates, I get lobster!! =)  My most favorite meal ever!  We went to the seafood shop and picked some out along with clams.  We had a super yummy dinner! 

I never even took a picture of Emma's gift!  Gosh, I'm really starting to get bad at this whole picture taking thing.  Anywho, we got her some yummy candy, a homemade fudge heart from a local bakery and the movie Lady & The Tramp =)  She loved it all! 

I hope each and everyone of you had a great Valentines Day!!!! =)

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  1. The girls watched Lady & the Tramp today too & loved it. Sounds like you guys had a great day