This winter has been soooo frustrating health wise for our family!  We have all been sick, sick, sick!  It all started toward the end of September and it's just been lingering on and on.  Emma and I both had pneumonia, and it took a long time to get over that.  Plus add in colds there.  And a couple of bouts of the flu for Emma.  If you remember back a couple of days ago I posted that Emma had been vomiting on Friday and then just a nasty yucky runny nose and eyes.  Well...she has since then started complaining about her ears.  This child has had more ear infections than I can count.  Of course her normal pediatrician was on vacation, so we saw a different doctor.  The first words out of the doctors mouth were, "She needs tubes in her ears."  Sooo this is where we stand now.  I hate seeing my little girl in pain.  I pray every night that she can get rid of this yucky stuff and just be healthy.  So at this point i'm waiting for a referral to see an ENT (ears, nose & throat) doctor and waiting for another referral for her to see an allergist.  Boys oh boys.  Crazy winter for us.  If you pray, keep us in your prayers!


  1. Oh wow that's not fun at all. Hoping you guys all get back to good health soon. I had tubes put in my ears when I was younger.

    Thank you for all the sweet comments

  2. Keeping you in my prayers. We have been suffering this winter as well. Bryce got tubes last October and it has made a HUGE difference! He still has had quite a few colds this winter, incuding one now, but no ear infections.

    The weather here keeps going from warm to cold and back again so the pollen is high and it is just creating havoc on our sinuses!

    Get well soon!