Last night while I was at work I happened to look at my cellphone and I had 4 missed calls from my mother.  I thought that was a bit odd, but it was almsost midnight so I didn't want to call her back right then.  I was curious all evening what exactly she wanted.  Right after dropping Emma off at school this morning I called her back.  She told me that she and my father had booked a 2 week trip to Florida in April.  I was happy for them, but super duper jealous!!  And that's when she said to me, "we want you all to come with us."  I was soooo excited!!  I cannot wait!  I immediately put in for the vacation time at work and it was approved so now we just wait for Brians time to get approved, but that shouldn't be a problem!  I cannot wait to go to Disney again with Emma =)  We first brought her there in 2009, she was 2 years old.  A lot of people told us that we were wasting our time taking her at such a young age, but she remembers a lot about the trip! =)  We aren't going to stay 2 weeks like my parents, just a week.  But that is long enough! =)  We told Emma tonight about it, I thought about trying to keep it a secret for her, but I don't think I would have been able to.  She is soooo excited about going.  We'll be making a countdown calender in the next few days =)  Here are some pictures from our last trip to Disney in 2009 =)

April 24th can't get here quick enough!  Sooo excited about our 2012 Disney Trip!!!! =)