New Puppy =)

My hubby and I had talked a lot about getting a dog.  We really wanted Emma to have the experience of having a dog, and we wanted to do it while she is still pretty little.  I kept looking on and I would see little puppies that were soooo adorable, but none of them gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling all over.  So one afternoon while on the internet I decided to check out petfinder again.  I put in our zipcode and searched within 150 miles of our home.  I saw a small photo of a puppy that looked adorable!  His name was Capt. Hook!  I then saw that he was located quite a ways from our house and was at a foster home as he was a rescue puppy from South Carolina.  They said he was a labrador retriever/hound mix.  He looked so darn cute!  I e-mailed the people who had him and they had nothing but good things to say about him! =)  He was completely house broken, even ringing a bell when he needs to go outside.  Loves kids, good with cats.  Snuggly, cuddly, loveable 5 month old puppy.  I was SOLD.  A few days later the rescue shelter sent someone to our house to make sure we were a suitable home for the puppy...and we passed with flying colors =)  I then immediately got into my car and drove about 100 miles to pick up this puppy!  The minute I saw him I fell in Love with him.  He is the perfect match to our family.  He is so cuddly and loveable.  Although we did change his name.  He is no longer called Capt. Hook.  Emma named him Gunner.  They say he is a hound mix, but I see a lot of sheppard in him.  We sure do love him, and I think he's pretty fond of his new family and home as well! =)

*Fresh out of the bath* =)

And I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year!!!!!  We spent the evening at my inlaws eating some super yummy food and enjoying the company.  We then rang in the New Year at home.  Here is how Miss Emma and her new best friend Gunner rang in the new year.....


  1. Aww so adorable. Having dogs are so much fun

  2. Every little girl needs a dog to grow up with. Too cute!