A Fun Sunday =)

We really had one of the best Sundays we have had in a really long time!  We started it off by going to my husbands parents house and having a big breakfast!  We never do breakfasts at each others houses, but we had a lot of fun.  And the food was super yummy.  Eggs, Bacon and home made bread for toast.  yummm!!!

After breakfast we came home got ready and headed to one of my co-workers houses.  She happens to live on a lake (which is awesome) and she invited us up for some ice fishing.  We had sooooo much fun.  A bunch of us from work who work on the same schedule all went.  We were all bundled up.  The guys put ice fish traps right close to the house for the kids, and then they went across the lake to set their traps.  Unfortunately nobody got any fish, but we all had such a blast!  Emma had a lot of fun riding on the snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and being towed behind on the snowmobile.  She didn't wipe the smile off her face all day long. 

One of our friends got a new snowmobile and finally we had enough snow that he could ride it!

A family photo of the 3 of us.  Emma posed us just the way she wanted it and then we had someone take the photo!  We had such a great day.  We ended the day by having dinner at my husbands parents house.  I know!  2 meals from them in 1 day.  Love it! =)  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! =)

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