I have been a terrible blogger!  We have been so busy lately with the holidays and work that I haven't had time to sit and write an actual blog in forever!  We had such a great Christmas.  This was probably one of th best we have had yet!  Emma is at the perfect age and we did such fun things this year!

Lets start out with our trip to southern Maine, Portland.  We took Emma on the Polar Express train ride.  She had sooo much fun!!  Our first stop though was supper at the Cracker Barrel!  This was exciting, because our state *just* got a Cracker Barrel! 

Emma got this cool mason jar with a firefly in it! =)

Next stop was the Polar Express!  Emma was so excited about this.  She wore her Pj's and all.

Emma and Pop looking out the window of the train =)

The girls passing out Hot Chocolate and cookies for the kids!

Here comes Santa on the train! 

Holding her Bell & Golden ticket that she got =)

Waving goodbye to Santa!

On our way home we stopped in Freeport at LL Bean.  It was so beautifully decorated inside and out.  We stopped and had our picture taken in a giant toboggan!

Sooo.  Now onto Christmas!!!!  We seriously had one of the best Christmas's yet.  Emma is at the perfect age for it!  I had heard of the Elf on the Shelf and thought that I was probably the only one in the world who wasn't doing it.  Well, my mother went shopping one day and picked one up for Emma.  Our Elf who Emma named Patch, was quite mischevious!  He seemed to always be getting into things....

Patch is now back at the Norh Pole, but we will be awaiting his arrival again after Thanksgiving this coming year! =)

Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my hubbys grandmothers house.  All of the grandkids and great grandkids get together and celebrate Christmas together.  We always have lots of fun.  Emma gets to see a lot of her cousins who she usually only sees at least once a year.  And Santa himself always makes an apperance! =)

This was at our house before we left.  I *LOVE* the outfit that Emma is wearing.  Courtesty of TheMommaFish, you can find her on Etsy.  She is amazing and has done several outfits for us!

After we got home that night, there was a little surprise for Emma in her room.  Mrs Clause brought Emma and her American Girl Doll matching pajamas!  She was sooooo excited about them!  Mrs Clause even dressed her American Girl doll in them for her! =)

The next morning was Christmas morning!!  I absolutely love Christmas morning.  We have a tradition in our house of me making homemade monkey bread for breakfast.  It is soooo yummy. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Season!  I know that our family sure did!!!  Happy Holidays!!!!! =)


  1. The polar express looks like a lot of fun. Looks like miss Emma was a good girl this year. We're gonna do elf on a shelf next year

  2. You'll love the Elf on the shelf! Emma thought it was super neat, and my husband and I had an absolute blast with it!! =)