Long Time, No Blog!

Wow, it's been a while since I last blogged!  The yucky sickness has hit our household, and in full force.  I first got it at the beginning of October, and it has yet to go away.  This last week has been the hardest.  In a month in a half I have been to the doctor a total of 5 times.  Yes 5 times.  I *finally* saw a real doctor today who was completely frustrated that none of the pa's had run any tests on me.  So after being there for less then 5 minutes she ordered a chest x-ray, breathing test and some blood tests.  I was really worried that I had pnemonia.  It's been bad.  Bad to the point where I have coughed so much that my voice was going, I couldn't keep any food or liquids down due to the coughing and I wasn't getting any sleep.  Sooo after the tests, she told me I didn't have pnemonia!  Pheww!  She said I have a really bad case of a viral bronchitis.  She sent me home with 2 different meds and an inhaler.  And i'm already starting to feel a little bit better!!!  Emma has quite a cough too, and I think i'm going to end up taking her into the doctor as well.  She hasn't had this nearly as long as me, but I don't want it to get to the point to where I got.  Brian also has had a tad of this stuff too.  Sooo not fun! 

But anyway!  Before we get to Thanksgiving, I had better share my Halloween photos!  We had such a blast Trick-or-Treating this year!  We head over to my husbands Uncles neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  There are so many kids, and almost everyone there decorates their houses.  It's very cool.  Emma was sooooo cute running up to the houses, she was so excited.  I have never in my life seen someone get as much candy as she did!  She made out well. {and so did brian and I} hehe.  But here are some photos of our little "Jessie" I mean Emma! =)

And there is all the candy!!! 

And before I forget I have to share these photos!  Emma was a "model" for a local photographer.  I had never met her before but I think she did an amazing job!  I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos that she took, but for now here is the sneak peak of them!

I'm sooooo excited to see the rest of them!  She is an amazing photographer...and I may be a little biased but she had a pretty darn cute model to work with =) 

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